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Join us at the Sunday Model Flight Show on the 25th of September in Zahleh!
(Event is sponsored by GreatPlanes Lebanon)

Please find below the event's program as provided by the GreatPlanes agent in Lebanon, Mr. Elie Riachi:

08:30 - 09:00 Arrival
09:00 - 10:00 Setup and Orientation
10:00 - 13:00 4 Air Shows including:
- Fixed wing
- Helicopter
- 3D
- Others
- Display of large scales
13:00 Lunch

Airfield Orientation:

Runway 30 (110 Meters Long, 6 meters wide - split concrete and compressed surface)
Approach Standard Left Turn maintain 30 meters alt until established to avoid obstacles on base leg.
200+ meters of ground effect inbound for touchdown at the runway numbers.
Restricted flyzone: North of airfield.

Runway 12 (110 Meters Long, 6 meters wide - split concrete and compressed surface)
Approach: Standard right turn. 15 meters of ground effect - maintain high altitude and airspeed to avoid wind sheer/down draft.
Restricted Flyzone: North of airfield.
ACE Pilot # 1
Hi Guyo:
How, When, and ... should we meet?
Can we have a preview shot of the fields?Question

Guyo # 2
I think we'll have to coordinate with Pete on this matter.
We'll agree on the departure place and time that will suite all AMAZRC pilots.
As for getting a picture of the field, I'll see what i can do about itRolling

ACE Pilot # 3
Hemma PleaseExclamation

Pete # 4
Hi there ! I will send to Guyo some pictures of the airfield in Zahleh that i grabed from a video clip i took last week! I hope it will help pilots to have a look where they can fly (or crash )LaughingWe should arrange with Said for the time and rejoining point ....

 matar 4.jpg

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
Pete # 5
More pics !

 matar 1.jpg

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
Pete # 6
Not to bother our webb Master this is the last one i am sending Wink

 matar 5.jpg

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
Guyo # 7
Thank you Pete for the pics! They certainly give us a very clear idea of what to expect and a great deal of comfort, knowing that some of our pilots' planes will be easy to retrieve when they crashVery

akaram # 8

toto # 9
3amahelkon 3ala ba3dkon ya shabeb !!! abeddash .
yalla see you on sunday hopefully ... Very

Toff. Bones
ACE Pilot # 10
Crashing Is Not Allowed??!!!!!
It seems that Hady [Mr. FATFAT] is not joining us on Sunday.WinkWink


Guyo # 11
Guys, we have agreed in cooperation with Pete and Said to meet Sunday morning between 7:30am and 7:45am next to Sheikh Pierre Statue in Bikfaya in order to head to Zahleh.


ACE Pilot # 12
Of Course I'll be there with my wife and four children. LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

Guyo # 13
Alla yzidoun ya rabb!!!Very
I'll personally be coming alone without my wife since there's no room left for her in the carLaughing

MHN # 14
I will be there too.
Will not be regrouping with you guys in Bikfaya as I depart from Jamhour.
If other Beiruty guys are going up the Beirut/Damascus road we could agree on a meeting point on this track (Galerie Matta at the Jamhour school intersection). Call me if anyone interested.
Also, the GPS coordinates and elevation AMSL would be helpful beforehand.
MHN # 15
BTW, MHN is Michel-Henry Noujaim Wink
BUHU # 16
There is a new comer on this forum
Buhu the great is hereCool

Thats the way Bahu bahu
eliebf# 17
Just came back from the land of tulips and windmills; Sure did miss the weekends and Wednesday's outings in the last 2 weeks. I read the invite and I'm wondering if It's OK to join with u at Bickfaya to attend the GreatPlanes Lebanon event on sunday morningjavascript:emoticon('Question')
alan # 18
hi guys. have fun w bayydoulna wijjna.
go fast.

Cabin crew:arm doors and cross check !
MHN # 19
I think it would be a good idea to ask Mr. Riachi to compile a list of the frequencies used by his local pilots, in order to avoid bad surprises once on site. Especially for you guys on 72Mhz.
P.S: Said I know what you're thinking! but I have read somewhere that your scanner is not always error proof...

akaram # 20
eliebf: of course you are welcome to join us on sunday

MHN:I dont think there will be many pilots other than us.

akaram # 21
eliebf, who are you by the way ? Very and if you are to go with us, what models will you take with you to participate in the show ?

ACE Pilot # 22
Of course you are coming with Mrs. BUHU and BUHU's Juniors, right??ShockedShocked

MHN # 23
AK, you know it takes only one guy to create havoc... Better be safe than sorry!
Pete # 24
Guyo i will be there time and place for meeting is great and will be SHARP on time:! This is another pics of strips . Hopefuly we will meet Saturday in AmazCool

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
Pete # 25
Sorry guys i missed the pics " Najjina Min AAzam "RollingRolling

 matar 3.jpg

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
triachi # 26
Dear fellow pilots: I am flattered with the great responses this event is receiving and the interest that is shown by you to make it a very successful one. No crashes allowed Very although the airfield is a bit tight, but you are all great pilots and landing on the centerline is not an issue for anyone. Concerning the frequencies used in Zahle, Channel 48 on the 72 Mhz Freq. Private invitations and a general announcement were made for this event, so we do expect a good crowed and even some dignitaries. Lets give them a hell of a show; this will definitely make Lebanon a better place for RC Pilots. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday. God's Speed.

MHN # 27
Dear Mr. Riachi, since we have you here, we would also like to know if the cars will have access to the pits for unloading the equipment, or if the equipment will need to be carried over a certain distance. Thx.
Pete # 28
Hi Elie ! Great to hear from you in the forum . I keep my fingers crossed for Sunday ! Hopefully we will have a nice weather but in any condition we will be up there to cheer you up in your super project . Elie it will be great if you can put an indication of the field just in the place where we should leave the main road and head to the airfield because some of the pilots will join us up there coming from other destination ...

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
ACE Pilot # 29
Hi Fellow Pilot:
BUHU & FADI are asking if Hunting is allowed since the gathering time is in the VERY early morning and suitable for this Purpose.
By the way they are asking too what kind of birds are available there.VerySmileSadSurprisedShockedConfusedCoolLaughingMadRollingEmbarassedCryingWinkWink

MHN # 30
Said, tell Buhu and Fady that the preferred species for hunting are the ones with 'fixed' wings. The 'rotary' wing ones are almost extinct and are known to commit kamikaze dives on their agressors!! Better stay away from them Very Cool
Guyo # 31
Actually there's no need to worry about shooting the rotary species, cos they eventually tend to extinct by themselves while performing their kamikaze manoeuvresLaughingLaughingLaughing

MHN # 32
Absolutly right Guy! The japanese birds are known for inventing the Kamikaze concept... as you and most of the guys know from firsthand experience.
That's why I fly american and german rotaries. Wink Exclamation
akaram # 33
Now me and my good old Shuttle (that taught me how to fly and never disintegrated) and the Sceadu in the box feel offended.
Moreover we all have witnessed a big expensive new high tech american bird disintegrate to pieces. We also heard stories of a Craptor coming to town VeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVery

MHN # 34
Hehehe, what can I tell you, in these days of global communications and cultural cross-bridging, some bad habits find their way across ponds (thru cross-breeding probably). But the western species usually inflict damage to themselves, which would make them Harakiri and not Kamikazi.
(Oh BTW and FYI, Taiwan is part of the chinese empire, not japanese).
Anyway, and in order not to highjack this originally dead-serious thread, anyone got precise indications on the rally point in Zahle (directions, location names etc...)?
triachi # 35
Hi Guys:
First I would like to express my deep sorrow for Dr. Bourgi's loss of his dear friend and brother. I would have postponed the event until next weekend had I not sent out all the invitations and if I was not leaving for China next Sunday. Unfortunately, I have to carry on. I would like to thank you all in advance for your dedication and willingness to do this show tomorrow - This event will be in honor of Dr. Bourgi and his commitment to the hobby.

Unloading - you can park close to the setup area; there will be few steps to climb/descend. If you have very a large scale, an arrangement can be made to get you on the field for unloading and out.
With respect to directions, there will be Airport signs off of the main road (dhour choueir - Zahle). Your reference point is St Elie School about 1.5 Km before you get to Our Lady of Zahle and Bekaa Shrine (if you are coming from Bekfaya) or about 1.8km from Telshiha Hospital if you are coming from Dahr el Baidar. I hope this helps. The show ground and skies are all yours captains, the people of Zahle and Bekaa await your arrival and look forward to see you perform. I am confident that you will leave great impressions. See you on the field - God's Speed

toto # 36
hi, i just want to thank Mr. Elie Riachi for everything he has done for us today . the team of AMAZ RC was very happy to be in zale today and had a wonderful day . Elie hope to see you soon in amaz and no doubt there will be a great coordination between us . Surprised

Toff. Bones
Guyo # 37
I also wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Elie Riachi for his trust in the AMAZRC team, and to the great audience in Zahleh for their support.
This event only lacked the presence of Dr. Pierre Bourgi whose heart and soul were with us to help us contribute in the success of this event.

ACE Pilot # 38
I also .gfghf jhfkf gf kgfghkf gfghfhfdes lkouiju yu drtrjii...................

A big thanks to Elie,

MHN # 39
Said, now you're sounding like a typical local politician: articulate! Very
Anyhow, Big thanks to Elie for yesterday's event and proceedings. Wishing him good luck on his new business venture.
Guyo # 40
Following is an email received by AMAZRC.com:

"It was a very attractive flight show.
We would like to thank Mr Riachi for his good hospitality and his great idea of making GreatPlanes accessible in Lebanon.

Thank you
Ruba and George Mujabber


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