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hi everyone,i confirmed the filming on the 27th of february,get your planes and helis and be there as early as possible.and pray that the weather will be good. see you....
ACE Pilot # 1
Don't forget to get your NEXSTAR ready too. Remember your a member of Amaz RC Family.

Pete # 2
Hi Alan !Thanks for reminding us for the 27th of Fer. ! I will be caling all the guys tomorrow and arrange for a meeting the soonest possible. Mean wile we need some feed back from you to see out what are you expecting ? In case of bad weather should we fly indoors in a gymnasium ? Do you want us to get models for static display also ? How long the sequence will be ? Many questions Alan we should resolve... So you should get in touch with any body of us Said , Guy or any one to clear up things !!! See you soon !

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
alan # 3
Hi again guys,i am sorry for being late in explaining the details of the day(27th).i am doing (MOTOR X SNOW SPECIAL)i will be filming 5 segments from the snow in faqra during my stay there.among these segments is AMAZRC MODEL FLIGHT.the segment will be around 7 minutes duration.it will feature a main interview with Dr.Bourji giving us a small background about moodel flight and the terrain itself.and side interviews with all the guys telling us about there long(or short)experience in flying.regarding the static display, whatever models you can get to enrich the veiw would be better.the gymnasium thing will be imossible since the concept of the segment implyes that we be in a snow background.

Cabin crew:arm doors and cross check !
alan # 4
The show will also feature mad flying technices and manouvers.And Dr.Bourgi,GET YOUR ALTIMATE.........see you soon

Cabin crew:arm doors and cross check !
hisham # 5
Hope the weather will be fine ...( crossing fingers)
So, we should work hard on our winter projects for a very early display! aaaahhhhh Hope this
will be possible.!

Scratch building is my way. !! Dont u just Hate it when a warbird crashes...... A scale model is like a good book. The more you look, the more you discover.
Pete # 6
Hi everybody ! The meeting to discuss the program of February the 27th will be held in Siwar near Rimal on Wednesday Feb. the 16th at 8.30 PM . Please be there ,we will prepare the program and if there is any question , Alan is going to call us around 9.PM . I will have with me some skiis that you can do and adapt on your planes very fast ! This message concern every pilot !!! Waiting for all of you ....

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!

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