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Thursday, July 09, 2009
This thread is open as hommage to our late friend Said Khalil (who also calls himself "ACE" and akid thinks he is one). The purpose is to analyze why he left the hobby and to suggest a fairwell party to him as well (at least maybe he would attend it). I believe most of you now have a vague distant memory of his face but he was the one with landing gears issues, propellers, multi crashes and Hip Hop flying between Helis, Planes, Gas and nothing by the end.
I felt this responibility of opening this thread since I feel guilty dragging him to this hobby in the first place.
akaram # 1
Thursday, July 09, 2009
Great idea ! We really miss "ACE" and organizing a farewell dinner for him will give us a chance to see him again and remember the good old days when he was always there, when his signature said "I love whisky, I love ..., I love AMAZ life", I am sure he will be able to attend his farewell dinner (unlike some "friends")and will do his best to stay till the end Smile

Friday, July 10, 2009
Dear Ace !!! Best Wishes and Good Luck in all your endeavours !!! I am sure that the Hobby, Fellow Hobbyists and AMAZ Life are DEEP DEEP DEEP in your heart and no amount of sarcasm or criticism can take that away !!! ThumbsThumbsThumbs

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