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After a long time of hesitation and now since a new RC (very popular) website aka Amuzing RC has been created in Lebanon, I decided to positively criticize our beloved amazrc in order to make it better.
The website being administered and content controled and commented on by a single person reminded us with some non popular regimes and their media control.
Note the decreasing popularity of the forums as well as the hits (beside the Week end pics visits).
One proposal would be to leave the weekly posted pics for viewers comments instead of the one coloured biased owner comments (we know them by heart for every single person).
I know this may not sound too welcomed for some pilots but definitely welcomed for the wider spectrum and the survival of this website.
Pilots are pre-classfied as kings, aces, common people and funny chracters. Kings can do multi massive crashes every day (gear included) but their posted shots as well as comments would remind us of the palace poets prasing the king.
The rest of you would be welcoming this thread for sure.
Hope I would be proved wrong and this post would remain alive and uncut, that would be a good sign of life.
Again no matter how much the other website is steeling (in many ways as I heard) from our popularity we should remain faithful to this one so please go ahead and post your comments and suggestions openly.
akaram # 1
Thumbs Thumbs
Skywalker is 100% right, this AMAZRC IS DEAD. An example is that nobody since yesterday even cared to check this post or reply. This is sad. The reasons are obvious and are mentioned by Skywalker. If no drastic changes are done to it very soon, its funeral will be near.

Hiba # 2
AMAZRC is not Dead!!! the work of three years cannot go to the drain that easily and get replaced by a ready made website, plus amaz rc offers many options that do not and wil not exist on facebook, the shopping zone for example, the buy it used section, frequency chart and many many other stuff.
gmujaber # 3
not all of us agree to this, i personally do not have facebook and check amaz rc daily.

Pattern pilot
DanyG. # 4
Although a positive criticism is always welcome, i guess we should all know where to stop and show first of all a lot of respect for the unprecedented work that has been achieved here by the people who have created this magnificient site. For myself i have to admit that amazrc is my 3 rd lung from which i breath. It opens for me a window on the activity that is taken place and to which i would very much like to be more frequently attending.
To be more practical, i guess we owe it to Guyo to come up with ideas and not critisism.
Have a great flying week end.

akaram # 5
Hiba ! AMAZRC IS DEAD, stop whitening tanajer with guy ! The buy-it-used sections, forum etc are not used by anybody, the same stuff has been laying there for ages, as for the shopping zone, this is a different commercial project having no link to amazrc and is financed by the interested parties to exist !
Dany, you are saying this because you are not coming often (unfortunately !), and the bad thing is that you are looking at pictures selected by a single person and comments put by a single person, so what you see and the impression you get are all conveyed by 1 person, the webmaster, who draws the image that he likes and is biased by his likes or dislikes for a person .... some people you never seen here, others you see all the time and they are praised as if they are gods, and others he tries to portray in a caricature-like manner to have fun of them because of his personal ...

akaram # 6
George, why check AMAZRC daily, check it once a week on mondays for the pics, other than that no activity takes place here. Bw, George and hibe will be getting loads of pics now VeryVeryVery

akaram # 7
George, why check AMAZRC daily, check it once a week on mondays for the pics, other than that no activity takes place here. Bw, George and hibe will be getting loads of pics now VeryVeryVery

Pete # 8
I agree 100% with DanyThumbsThumbsThumbs
My concern know is that summer is around and we should think about some variety on the strip ! We should have some guys training for formation flight and i suggest also to start LIMBO and droping bottles with the shoppers ! ( I will provide the empty bottles lol:LaughingLaughing ) . So please a helping hand to start some more fun activity on the strip !

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
akaram # 9
Captain, your proposal is great, pull everybody's ears this weekend and let us really do that. I will drop anything and do limbo and everything, but formation ! Shocked

skywalker # 10
George, by the way I did not mention the other's website name on intention. If you didn't check it out how did you know the name ? now everyone would be checking the other websiteThumbs

1 Airfield 1 spirit 1 Captain.......Old is gold....Amaz forever
hisham # 11
After reading all those replies regarding this;
my opinions are the following:
* a big thanks for Guy Thumbs for working as well
as do the follow up for this site. This takes
not only time but also hard work can tell you
guys that... (myself I guess I'll be assembling
an ARF and not working on my PC for hours and
get comments as those :rollSmile
* No one can ignore the fact that only pix are
being posted on this site.... Embarassed and an
item that is already been for ages on the
'Buy it used' page maybe sold or crashed is
still there..... On the other hand, I posted
and sold several items using this feature with
the Help of the moderator and am thankful Wink
* How would you guys know about the activites
that was held in Zahle or cancelled and other
opinions about Remi the Heli guy if Amaz site
is not there .... just tell me, you should be
in Amaz each and every weekend.... or else.Spinny
* Instead of continuos hammering and thinking
negatively why don't you post solutions , ..
* Every body knows that R/C flying is not
welcomed in several locations, why don't you
use this site to inform people around about
this Sport/Hobby and maybe do a show or
gathering etc.... now the internet is so
popular in Lebanon.... (just a thought :tupSmile
Anyway this is my 2cents

PS this is the first time I copuld reply to a thread at last..... Cool

Scratch building is my way. !! Dont u just Hate it when a warbird crashes...... A scale model is like a good book. The more you look, the more you discover.
akaram # 12
First I would like to tell Hiba and George that they didnt come here and see this thread and reply until I posted a link to it on Facebook. Moreover I am not in any way trying to compare Facebook to a full blown oriented website, we are just criticizing amazrc because it has been dying slowly over the past year and nobody wants to admit it, probably not to make Guy sad.
To answer Hisham :

- This is Guy's hobby making websites, so he enjoys it more than you enjoy building your scales.
- If you sold something, it was transferred by word of mouth or you were lucky, this doesnt make buy it used helpful, it will become useful when anybody can upload pictures and place his items for sale himself and not have to beg the webmaster to do that.
-This is your personal problem, we are always in amaz and would like to see you there with us too. We know everything by word of mouth, and there was not a single matter that was discussed on the forums and was resolved.
-We have been giving the solutions since a long time but nothing was implemented and our opinions ignored, so now it is time to hammer.
- We are already overcrowded,and personally I sometimes spend all day and do only 1 flight or dont fly at all, whats the use of advertising this hobby, I would do if I was doing business out of it.
"PS this is the first time I copuld reply to a thread at last..... " this in itself shows that there is an obvious problem, since 2 years I have been saying that this website handles cookies in a weird incorrect way, but nothing was done. (and it times out like online banking sites Very and the remember me feature never worked or works)

Pete # 13
Great Alexus ! This week end will be LIMBO week end ! We will prepare the infra structure ( We already have the 2 foam pylons ! )but still have to know how to fix them on the ground ! And see out the material we should use to join the pylons ! I think Guyo will need an extra memory card to fix the pictures under the Limbo line Laughing I understand your fear of the formation ! It reminds me of somebody who has a very bad reputation in Mid air Wink

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
DanyG. # 14
You can use crepon for joining pylons, very easy job, you prepare in advance a few ribbons and which could be changed when cut. As for the base, a square ply with a 30cm dowel glued in its center will do the work. In case it is a little bit windy then you can put a couple of stones on the ply square to prevent it from folling over.
No risks, lot of fun.

gmujaber # 15
Guys,now the discussion has changed to a proffessional discussion.
Keep this way of communication it is more beneficial to Amaz group.Idea

Pattern pilot
skywalker # 16
Please don't distract our attention from the main problem. Beside, seems the webmaster himself forgot this website as well (no reply whatsoever) and probably he will get back to us next Monday while posting new pics (same pics / same people / same comments/ different angles)but probably the best thing that we can notice from those pics the changing Amaz weather throughout the year as well as changing apparel for pilots. Alexei I will leave you the honour of posting the funeral date and time.

1 Airfield 1 spirit 1 Captain.......Old is gold....Amaz forever
DanyG. # 17
Is this a vendetta or what??

akaram # 18
It is actually a Raze Shocked

gmujaber # 19
To Alex and Skywalker
In order to keep Amaz website running and up to date I suggest (with the permission of Guy)that you run the administration and update of the website and we will see the difference ExclamationIdeaThumbs

Pattern pilot
akaram # 20
A clever, witty statement you made George, be we are not after taking control of AmazRc, we are after making it open to public picture postings, so that everybody can comment on any picture or post whatever he likes, add items to buy it used like in elmazad.com ...

Pete # 21
Dan your idea is bright ! I will go tomorrow to the nearest librarie and get the crepon ! i think that Buhu will do the base Thumbs Now get one of your oldies for the trial !!! I think i will use the " You can Do 3D " from world models for the first Limbos !!!Wink

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
ACE Pilot # 22
Alex and Hady I guess it is time to APOLOGY to all Amaz pilots, since you are the ONLY two persons who are insulting our website and indirectly all Amaz pilots.
Whats happening ya Alex and Hady, are you drunk?
I am sure you are and the proof will come with your first reply to my post.
Rou2o ba2a 3ayb.

akaram # 23
Saooooooooooda, at least type correctly if you are typing in BOLD, you meant to say time to APOLOGIZE. You see, you didnt have the right to edit your post, something that is standard in all forums and we asked for it a long time ago and got nothing !!!
Why are you defending guy and his website ???? well of course saoooda is geeeeeyo's favorite etc etc etc etc na na na na na na na :P
btw where the hell are you now and when will you be back on planet earth ????

akaram # 24
Well, it is a pity that AMAZRC is dead and we are not getting any more opinions on the subject. George and Hiba's points of views are biased and they are always holding the brush for guy because geeeeyo markets Hiba's caricatures.
The captain is always nice with everybody and never takes sides and pretends nothing is happening. Dany and Hisham did say that we are right and Amaz is dying but in a way asked not to hammer the webmaster tooooo hard.

Guyo # 25
After reviewing all the overwhelming messages that were posted over
the last couple of days, I find myself obliged to express my gratitude
to all AmazRC supporters, who have found in this website a valuable
supplement to the hobby they so much love, and to my frustrated
friends as well, who would rather burry it and steal my personal
archive to promote whatever community that they feel expresses their
AmazRC will remain a modest portal, maintained and updated (whenever
possible) at my own expense, in recognition of our Captain's unmatched
hospitality, and the unconditional support that I have received and
keep receiving, from the finest R/C pilots in Amaz.
Positive ideas will be addressed and new services implemented when time permits.

DanyG. # 26
A superb conclusion to a sterile debateThumbsThumbs well said Guy!! and thank you for all your efforts and time spent creating this one of a kind national site.

akaram # 27
This thread was started just for fun and pulling legs ... Unfortunately, after a lot of phone calls from different members it looks like you people took it seriously and many are upset ! To those I would like to emphasize that this was just for fun and with a friendly spirit in mind.
However, I would like to note that myself I like this website very much and have given links to it to a large number of my friends/relatives, most of them abroad, in countries I have worked in ...etc... and these people also check this website from time to time to see me ...
Lately the webmaster has been choosing photos to make fun of me (and of course of others), he knows very well what I am talking about and I have told him about these many times and he didnt care to remove them ! I wouldnt like my friends to see me pictured this way. If he considers that he has the right to make fun of anybody he chooses whenever he chooses, he must open the site for others to act similarly on him or others !
This is the whole point !

DanyG. # 28
Alexei, that's the spiritThumbs fully agree with you on what you are saying. if one feels offended somehow with certain photos that have been posted i am 100% sure that no bad intentions were behind and that things will be easily fixed from now on to keep the good spirit running and the freindship in our small community.

ACE Pilot # 29
To keep the good spirit running and since this thread was started just for fun as alex mentioned and hady told me over the phone, I suggest to remove (delete) this Thread if Alex and Hady do not mind. Cool Cool

hisham # 30
I see,,, then it is all a matter of funny pix.
That big issue of :'Amaz RC is dead' is a matter
of Pix..... Sad
That is really sad....
I have recently seen some pix of cars on Amaz
flying field.... why didn't anyone comment on
that.... The site is called Amazrc model flight
with cars.....Confused
Any way cheer up guys, and Happy Landings.

Scratch building is my way. !! Dont u just Hate it when a warbird crashes...... A scale model is like a good book. The more you look, the more you discover.
skywalker # 31
Fellow pilots, the whole subject started, continued to be and still is a fun part to excite and entertain you.
Guy was chosen to be under attack after him using AmazRc website to continously tease me and Alex by his comments
and pictures. That was totally a defensive measure after us being hammered continously by the webmaster, surely
the rest of you who were labeled by Guy in his Solo thread as "finest RC Pilots" stand next to him.
Keep in mind also that many other "fine pilots" did not comment at all as part of their polite agreement
with us (B..., F..., A.., J.., M..... only to name a few).
So the attack is not on the website which we all love as well as well as not on the webmaster who did an unprecedented
web site in this country, it was only to address in writing what we were feeling and which Guy knew about and
kept hammering on (in his french way).
Cheer up guys, we always enjoyed such sporty "fights" us and Guy only this the first time u watched the show.
and to you Hisham, those car do fly as well, you should watch them before you comment on. In fact they spend
much more flight time then some airplane pilots.Wink

1 Airfield 1 spirit 1 Captain.......Old is gold....Amaz forever
DanyG. # 32
Now that's the spiritThumbsThumbsThumbs. I must admit that you have played it very well and i am extremely glad that no dispute was going to start between you guys. You make a real happy family and you have brought so much to this hobby.
Keep up the spirit high Very

akaram # 33
Nevertheless, he who comes to us with a knife, from the sword will die ! so watch out Wink

ACE Pilot # 34
Good idea Hisham, since Hady mentioned it, I suggest that you join us with the nitro RC cars hobby and I promise you that nobody will dare to giggle and make fun of you while taxiing your scale models.LaughingLaughingLaughing


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