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just for curiosity, does any one of you know the difference between "fp-tp" fm module and "fp-tk" fm module? i have both but never knew the difference :p
Guyo # 1
Found this on Futaba's Q&A:

The TK module, which is designed specifically for the 9V and 9Z models, is not intended as a replacement for the TP module. The TP module, which is used in the 5U, 7U and 8U radios, may NOT be used in the 9 channel radios in place of the TK module.

Don't know if this helpsRolling

toto # 2
well with all do respect to FUTBA, i am using both tp and tk on both 9z and ff7.... hehehehehe so: Spinny

Toff. Bones
Guyo # 3
Maybe so Toto, but in case something unfortunate happens to your model due to receiver failure, I think Futaba will care less about your complaints!!!Smile

toto # 4
enno ur right bass its been 3 years that am using both so law beddo ysir ken sar! thnx anywaysVery

Toff. Bones
akaram # 5
TOTO Very I liked " enno ur right bass its been 3 years that am using both so law beddo ysir ken sar! thnx anyways" I am sure these 3 years are barely equivalent to 1 weekend of flying for us so this is not a measure of reliability VeryVeryVeryVery
Moreover whatever module you use on whatever radio, sooner or later something WILL fail VeryVeryVeryVery because it is Fateba Khantarish VeryVeryVeryVery and something is going to happen to the model for sure Cool

toto # 6
i dont find a reason 4 u to enter in this discussion alex... sice u have nothing to do with futaba or anything closeVery actually in the past three years i did fly a lot it isnt until this last year that i wasnt going to amaz so.... check where YOU were then! Very anws i hope next time you could be more helpful instead of throwing khantarish ideas like your JR .... VeryVery Wink mahek?!

Toff. Bones

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