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The time has come for the yearly R/C event in Zahleh, and all AmazRC pilots are welcome to participate in the opening of the R/C season on the 9th of July.
All participants are urged to confirm their presence by posting the following info in this thread:

- Full Name
- Model/Models to fly
- Frequency to be used

The program will be as follows:

1- 9:00am Opening
2- 9:00-10:00 Warm up, run-ups, and tune-ups.
3- 10:00-10:30 Opening Speeches
   a. Ole Riachi
   b. Captain
   c. Other Local Officials
4- 11:00 – 01:00 Competition
   a. Scale/Sports
   b. Trainers
   c. Helicopters
   d. Off Road Cars/Trucks
5- 01:00 – 03:00 Lunch
6- 03:00 – 03:30 Wrap-up

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.
See you all on the 9th!
Guyo # 1
I know i'll be thereSmile

- Guy Boustany
- OMP Edge540 3D
- 72.810Mhz (Channel 51)

akaram # 2
I will also probably be there,

- Alex Karam
- WM Extra 330L or CAP 232 depending on the runway (still waiting for the pics and hopefully the manhole at the end of the runway does not exist anymore Smile )
- 40.770 MHz

gmujaber # 3
We will be there (Inallarad)
George mujabber Super sport 40.
Ruba Mujabber Nexstar.
channel 21 /72 Mhz

Pattern pilot
MHN # 4
Wille ist hoffnungsvoll dort mit elektrischen Hubschraubern (sounding foreign might make my flying look better Laughing )- Not !

- T-Rex SE
- Ion-X (maybe)
- Millenium 90 with wireless camera on board.

Frequency: 35.160

The camera rig will need a display screen on the ground (TV or PC with line input). Also a recorder would be a great supplement...
Can anyone help with this? (Elie?)

Pete # 5
Hi , i will also join with a Hybrid Edge with smoke system and eventualy with a scale Bell 47-G gazoline powered . Freq. in use is : 35.020 ( chanel 62 ) and 35.060 ( Chanel 66 ).
Michel we should be aware of the camera on board because as i know it is strictly forbiden by Lebanese army . So i think we should enquire about this ... We should make some practice on Saturday 8 of July ??? What about this ???Wink

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
BUHU # 6
Sebouh Babahekian
Real name BUHU
Xcell Fury Extreme
JR radio frequency 40.790

Thats the way Bahu bahu
ACE Pilot # 7
Said Khalil
Real name HAKO
Sony DCR-PC105E DV Camera
Sceadu Evo 50 OP [Maybe]
FUTABA radio frequency 72.990Mhz(Channel 60)CoolCool

alan # 8
Alan Ghafary
Real name Alan Ghafary
Airplane: NONE
Radio: NONE
Frequency:NONE [Channel none]

I will be wondering arround in the sun under 45 degrees C in Abou Dhabi.
Have Fun, Good luck all, and No Crashes.MadMadMadMad

Cabin crew:arm doors and cross check !
akaram # 9
Of course no crashes ! Hady is not coming (he hasn't got any more planes left to crash anyway)

hady # 10
HI guys i have never been there any one knows the lenth of da (run away) please advize so i can know what kinda airplane to prepare thanks

A helicopter in flight is a “bunch of spare parts flying in close formation.”
akaram # 11
Hady ! Definitely dont dream of taking any pattern planes ! Last event the runway was 2 meters wide and 30 meters tall Smile You had to have airbrakes, spoilers, flaps all deployed, hit the runway at the 1st centimeter release the parachute and hit the pneumatic brakes Smile))) and if you dont make it, there is a manhole at the end of the 30 meters which takes care of the remains of your plane Smile

Now I heard rumors that the runway is 10 meters wide by 130 meters tall which is excellent, but is it true ????? I have been asking for pictures since 2 weeks and still got none !

MHN # 12
Reading the event program I am wondering, if the organisers are seriously considering running a competition, then:

1/ What are the rules and judging criteria for the competition?
2/ Are there any 'classes' i.e. categories in each discipline or is it gonna be beginners competing in the same class as advanced pilots ??
3/ More importantly: Who is the panel of judges gonna be formed of? What are their qualifications etc...?

I am in no way trying to create an issue here, but in view of the short notice warning and above mentioned remarks I personnally suggest that the organizers limit things to a casual friendly funfly.
Let me know what you guys think?

Guyo # 13
The main purpose of this event is to launch the R/C summer season in a friendly atmosphere, where Amaz pilots will get the opportunity to share with others their models and flying skills as well.
The competition is simply the organizer's idea to spice things up and create some sort of incentive for pilots to participate in this event.
The sort of competitions you are referring to Michel, are way out of the scope of this event, and impossible to organize in such short notice as you said.

And needless to say that if it were the case, you would have had a category of your own with no challengers and probably no jury!Laughing

hady # 14
thank alexy for your advise so i better repair then prepare ;)

A helicopter in flight is a “bunch of spare parts flying in close formation.”
charboul# 15
Charbel Baaklini
World Models - Ultimate S40
Frequency: 72.710Mhz
Channel: 46
MHN # 16
I hear Guy. This should be a fun Sunday.

And thanks for the kind words although not deserved. Many of you will soon be putting old me into retirement Wink
fadi6149# 17
Fadi Saikali
Tiger Sport 40
35.140 Mhz
motivation: 9/10Hz
adrenaline disposable packs 50
akaram # 18
Hi Fadi, glad to hear that you are coming. Are you coming with your family only or you will be bringing the whole neighborhood ? If so let us know so we try to arrange more chairs.

Judge Red# 19
Guyo # 20
I think we should discuss the meeting point issue.
Do u think Bikfaya could be a good place for us to meet? Say 7:30amSpinny

akaram # 21
Yes I think 7:30 in Bikfaya Square somewhere close to Pierre Gemayel statue is great, what do others think ????

ACE Pilot # 22
I guess we can bring with us our rifles to get some hunting quality time before heading to Zahleh.
7:30 ya ZALMINEMadMadCoolCool
M F Alex and Guy

Guyo # 23
Due to the fact that we have a relatively long trip to Zahleh, it is better to move as early as possible in order to have enough time to unpack our planes and fine tune our engines before the show begins.
Besides that, the earlier u get there Saaaouda, the more is the spare time u'll have to get photographed and interviewed by the media!!!LaughingLaughing

Pete # 24
I think 7:30 is fair enough!Providing that everybody will be on time !Because we need a good hour to be on the strip up there ... I hope we can meet on saturday up in Amaz for training purpose and fixing everything for the next day ???

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
triachi # 25
Fellow Pilots:

First and foremost thank you so very much for your participation in this event. It’s a long way from home for all of you, I am grateful and I promise you our utmost to make Sunday a pleasurable and fun day for all.
Although tough, I am trying as much as possible to keep Sunday a simple rather than a formal event. So far we have preliminary confirmation from various TV stations, Local and Regional, to cover this event, some local dignitaries would also be present, at least for some short period of time – we do not expect them to hang out with us all day.
Concerning the runway, attached please see a picture of the new runway overlapping the old one. It is a bit wider and longer but most importantly no pit holes or dugouts at either end, so Alexi feel free to throttle up after touch down Very . Also you may notice some patches of greenery; that was my failed attempt to lawn the whole space surrounding the runway. I got to my senses the last minute and did a test batch to see if the water would hold up, so far not so bad, we will tell by the end of summer.
Also, we have arranged for a simple but hearty lunch on the premises, so hopefully we can have a full day of fun flying, a scotch here or vodka there wont hurt would it? Please feel free to bring your preferred drinks, we will have soft drinks, Arak (of course you are in Zahle), Beer, BL, …etc.
As for the program, as indicated above, the competition is simply to spice things up. So I leave the organization to you guys. Concerning the Big Screen TV, this is so exciting! I need some details to see if we can arrange for one on the premises. Please advise.
It has been a bit windy in the last few day, nothing worse than last year at all, the good thing is it has been lined up with the runway, so lets keep our fingers crossed, for nice and helpful wind if we must have it, no wind conditions would be ideal.
Thank you all, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Cheers.
Aircraft: Avistar Super Twin Jet with Afterburner Boosters Very Spinny
Frequency: 72 CH36

Guyo # 26
Guys, please find attached an updated picture of the field in Zahleh as provided by Elie.


Guyo # 27
FYI, Hugo will be flying his new Stratus Glider and his frequency is 41.020Mhz.

Does anybody know the status of the other remaining pilots?
If you do, please post it ASAP so we could plan things better.

Guyo # 28
Another update:

- Joe Akl
- Saphir / Rubin / Extra
- 40.770Mhz (77)

Pete # 29
Guyo i succede to open Elie's picture of the runway ! Great ! But i still need the ground support for a Blue Landing Wink

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
Pete # 30
Elie thanks a lot for your feed back about the runway ! Great ! Guyo i think that Buhu and Avo couldn't make it for Sunday ? I will add to my fleet some ground Support " An Old Scotch wiskey bottle in order to have 2 runways for me so i couldn't miss them LaughingLaughingLaughing

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
Guyo # 31
SadSad It'll be really sad if Buhu and Avo don't make it Captain...
Regarding the Whisky Pete, I honestly don't think u'll need it for this SundaySmile Besides, u'd better save all the Whisky u have for the Lama's test-flight in Amaz!!!LaughingLaughing

Guyo # 32
Hey guys,
To sum up things, this is the list we got so far:

Pilot Plane Frequency Category
Fadi Saikali Tiger Sport 40 35.140Mhz (74) Trainers
Georges Mujabber Super Sport 40 72.210Mhz (21) Trainers
Ruba Mujabber Nexstar 72.310Mhz (26) Trainers
Alex Karam Extra 330L / Cap 232 40.770Mhz (77) Scale / Sports
Charbel Baaklini Ultimate S40 72.710Mhz (46) Scale / Sports
Elie Riachi Avistar Super Twin Jet 72.510Mhz (36) Scale / Sports
Guy Boustany Edge 540 Hybrid 72.810Mhz (51) Scale / Sports
Hughes Badaoui Stratus Glider 41.020Mhz (02) Scale / Sports
Joe Akl Saphir / Rubin / Extra 40.770Mhz (77) Scale / Sports
Pierre Bourgi Hybrid Edge w/Smoke 35.020Mhz (62) Scale / Sports
Michel-Henri Noujaim T-Rex SE / Ion-X 35.160Mhz (76) Helicopters
Michel-Henri Noujaim Millenium 90 35.160Mhz (76) Helicopters
Pierre Bourgi Scale Bell 47-G 35.060Mhz (66) Helicopters
Said Khalil Sceadu Evo 50 OP 72.990Mhz (60) Helicopters
Sebouh Babahekian Xcell Fury Extreme 40.790Mhz (79) Helicopters

Please feel free to post any amendments you wish to make.

triachi # 33
Guys, I am sorry to inform you that I have to postpone Sunday's event due to the death of the former president and resident of Zahle Mr. Elias Hrawi this afternoon. It wouldn’t be very appropriate to have our fun day on his funeral day and while the city is in mourning. I am very sorry, I will discuss with you through this forum an alternate date in the coming few days. Sorry and hope that this did not cause a lot of inconvenience for you guys, I know how much you wanted those spot landings on my narrow runwayCryingShocked
Besides maybe in the new date Buhu and Avo can join us Very


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