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Hi Guys , Even a week end in Paris is nothing and almost empty without you!I had tears in my eyes when i loged to our beloved site and saw the first picture of last week end! I started my honeymoon with my new wife and wood like to share it with you !!! She is pretty but lots of caracter hope to send you some pics very soon !!! Love you all and missing you more thq
an ever... Said promessed that he will not test his new Frea before i come back so he is a KHAYEN !!! Looking forward to see you soon !Love to all!
ACE Pilot # 1
Pete, Believe me I am innocent. BUHU is the DEVIL. He insisted on doing the test during your absence. For more info just ask BUHU.

BUHU # 2
Dont you believe him I am the nice guy and Said is the bad guy. We are doing all this fighting just to make you feel you are in Amaz. However it should be done right behind your ear.

Thats the way Bahu bahu
Pete # 3
Buhu i trust you more than Said Very ! I loged already hours of flight on the Lama and thanks God i did it here because many things happened and we resolved them here !The turbine is working great but the heat generated by the exhaust has melted the plastic that covers the piano wire of the tail linkage melted so the tail was not very stable we had to use a tephlon one insted . Now it works fine . Tonight Jo sent some pics to Guyo , you will see some of them .Love to allExclamation

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
ACE Pilot # 4
Pete I have just asked guyo and no pics yet.
Are you sure you can trust Joe?
I have some question marks concerning your trustS to others.[BUHU, now Joe] and "allah Yestour" may be later on, it will be HADY TANISSA. Wink
God Bless you and happy honey moon.

gmujaber # 5
Pete I have conducted 7-8 successful flights taking off and landing without any problem and without any help from any body .
Thanks to your instructions and supervisions.
See you soon

Pattern pilot
ACE Pilot # 6
Jirgi really did a great job without any assistance ...
Unless you count Sebouh, Avo, Toto, Alexi, Namir, Fouad.
Sorry if I forgot somebody. VeryVeryVeryVeryVery


gmujaber # 7
Of course they all assisted in being a good audience.LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

Pattern pilot
ACE Pilot # 8

akaram # 9
Captin !!!!!!!!! Mabrouke EL Lama ! Bit3a22id, she is beautiful !!!! Cant wait to see her ! Yalla come soon without you it is empty here, last saturday everybody ran away very early, by 4:00 PM there were only me and Buhu left !!!

Everybody check the link below, it has very detailed pics of the Lama being flown by Pete ! this was circulated by Saoooooooda


ACE Pilot # 10
Please Continue the discussion through this thread: General Flying Discussions > Model Flight Discussions.

YALLA YA PETE the Dewards and Johny Walker are like drinking Pepsi without you, I mean no alcohol Effects.Very

Pete # 11
Jirji PROUD of you WinkBut Said is troubling me ! I think i will start trusting Hady more than him Laughing i wanted to call you tonight to ask you where would you be flying tomorrow but i just came back to the hotel and it is too late to call you! Have a nice week end with all the family Exclamation
Saood you wouldnt beleive it ! But on my way to Paris FatFat was siting behind me in the plane Very It was not fun at all !!! but i thought of you all the way ! Hugo has just arrived from Lebanon and we are going out !!! Love to all !

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!

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