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Samih Khater's Media Gallery

Album Winter RC Flight
Date Saturday, November 05, 2011
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Notes Fun with the pond

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Sunday, November 06, 2011
It was more fun watching wassim skipping steps as his bank account warning light flashed the lower samih took his helicopter.

“I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.”
Sunday, November 06, 2011
loved ur unusual landing

The worst day of flying still beats the best day of real work.
Monday, November 07, 2011
You are right George all I can see is that the bank spending indicator is on the red zone and flashing

I love to be in the sky no matter how!!!!!
Monday, November 07, 2011
Targa you loved this landing but I didn’t not technically but money coast wise

I love to be in the sky no matter how!!!!!
Monday, November 07, 2011
Ya 3ammo 1st of all Yin3ad 3leik!
2nd, ba3ed ma zhi2it minoun la hal silly helicopters? They are obsolete and nobody is playing with them anymore, khalas get rid of them and fly the real stuff, planes! The only fun in watching a heli fly is seeing it crash and the harder the crash the more fun it is!


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