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R/C Funny stuff from the net!
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 Last reply by Guyo on 31/3/2005  729 Views   6 Replies 
ACE Pilot 
Funny moments in AMAZ!
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 Last reply by Guyo on 17/4/2005  615 Views   2 Replies 
Cool Toons,
Go HIBA Go...
Keep Up the good Work..

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 Last reply by Pete on 17/10/2005  551 Views   3 Replies 
I know i'm not much of an R/C Car fan, but can anyone resist this car???!!!
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 Last reply by Pete on 31/10/2005  529 Views   1 Replies 
Hi there ! We should all cheer our dear webmaster Guyo ! His pictures are real work of art NO KIDDING !!! But i am frustrated : I have never seen Lallous plane in a NORMAL , FLAT , HORIZONTAL attitude !!! He is having probably problems with his servo reverse ??? I wish i have the same !!!
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 Last reply by Pete on 29/11/2005  491 Views   2 Replies 
Okay Guyo,
Here is the problem : I can post a new thread on the boards easily.... HOWEVER, could not reply at all to an already posted thread... Tried almost every thing even--- changed the computer .... Simply couldn't do it.... What is happening I really don't know. :(-

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 Last reply by Pete on 30/11/2005  599 Views   3 Replies 

Have You Ever...
...glued one or more fingers inside
a fuselage?
...built two wing halves or fuselage
sides for the same side?
...built a wing fairing over already
installed hold down bolts?
...cut a piece of covering and then
tried to iron it on without removing
the backing?
...completed the fuselage and then
remembered that the firewall blind
nuts hadn’t been installed?
...built a sheeted wing and then
remembered there were no guide
holes for the servo leads?
...leaned over your pride and joy,
only to watch a tool or pen fall
from your shirt pocket, leaving an
ugly dent on the wing or stab?
...cut a piece of wood or covering
material slightly too small, and
then did the same thing again when
cutting the replacement?
...drilled a hole through wood and
your finger?
...performed a take-off with one of
the controls reversed?
est project while gluing in the:
...cranked on a glow engine for 10
minutes before you replaced the
blown plug?
...cranked on a glow engine, for 10
minutes before you realized that
the glow plug battery wasn’t even
...arrived at the field, only to find
you’d forgotten your wing or transmitter?
...gone home and left your wing or
transmitter at the field?
...gone off and left your wife and/or
kids at the field?
...discovered that your overnight
charger has been connected to the
aileron servo?
...bought parts, tools, accessories,
etc., only to go home and find that
you already had them?
...had a brand new; unflown model
roll or slide off the work bench and
crash on the floor?
...told the truth when your wife
asked how much money you’ve
spent on modeling this year?
...knelt down to locate a dropped
glow plug, only to find it with your
knee cap?
...been beat at a fun fly by a guy
using a prop you loaned him?
...arrived at a contest or fly-in a
week early?
...loaned someone a tool that had
his name on it?
...discovered that all of your spare
props are for the model you left at
...changed the glow plug seven
times before finding an empty fuel
...dropped a prop nut in the sand
and not spent at least ten minutes
looking for it?
...sat for hours at a contest, hiding
under a tarp from a 10% chance of
widely scattered showers?
...lost throttle control with a .20
powered model having a quart size
fuel tank?
...promised your medicine cabinet
that you’d never finger-start an
engine again?
...stuck a screwdriver right through
an hour-old wing?
...cut a perfectly straight line
through a sheet of balsa, and the
third finger on your left hand?
...cut a perfectly straight line?
...been so distracted by some friends
crash that you crashed yours too?
...protected your glider from the
wind by placing it under a car five
minutes seconds before it drove
...borrowed a prop for ‘just one
more flight’, and then crashed?
...crashed when no one was thereto
see it?
...turned down a small fortune for
your model, and then destroyed it
on the very next flight
...chased a bird and got suckered
right into a tree?
...put a prop on backwards... twice?
..removed some stitches with a
#11 X-Acto blade?
...adjusted your high speed needle
with fuel soaked hands right be-
hind a screaming prop in sub-zero
...realized too late that you just
loaned out your last glow plug?
...had your nosewheel fall off right
after take-off?
...had a bee take a hike across your
nose while you were flying by in a
low, inverted pass?

Most of those were for model-
ers, and mostly men. By RCReport Mag.

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 Last reply by toto on 17/2/2006  507 Views   1 Replies 
Guys, I want each and everyone of us to vote for those of us who have reached a high level of excellence, precision and professionalism in building Helicopters, Aircraft and Foamies. We should come up with a best helicopter builder, best airplane builder and a best foamie builder. These will be given huge awards (to be discussed later on). To be a best builder, means your model should be exceptionally reliable, strong and beautiful.
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 Last reply by zibobman on 16/10/2006  590 Views   8 Replies 
ACE Pilot 
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 Last reply by ACE Pilot on 27/10/2006  766 Views   28 Replies 
ACE Pilot 
Due to the increasing demand for the masterpiece clip “The Incredible Journey of a Zero Crash Pilot”, please find below a direct link to the original movie!

The Incredible Journey of a ZERO Crash Pilot

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 Last reply by zibobman on 28/10/2006  785 Views   14 Replies 
Mabrouk Guy !!!!!!! Now our webmaster is a proud father of a baby girl pilot, Clara born today 21/11/2006. Now we may not see him on the field anymore for a long time, maybe until Clara becomes good at the simulator and ready to go to the field with her father :)
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 Last reply by toto on 21/11/2006  568 Views   1 Replies 
Sunday, March 02, 2008
Rumors say that it won't be too long before Said's next killer movie hits the RC market!
Does anyone have a clue about the movie's title???

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 Last reply by ACE Pilot on Saturday, March 08, 2008  573 Views   8 Replies 
Thursday, March 06, 2008
Hi everybody ! any one concerned about our flying field for the week end , can call me on my portable Friday eve . I will drop and have a look on Friday afternoon !
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 Last reply by DanyG. on Wednesday, March 12, 2008  592 Views   16 Replies 
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
As per Alexei's request here are some nice Pics taken on the "Ill fated day" Pete, Said, Alexei and my poor Edge biten in the A$$.
Only George walked out safe that day (Total flight time for George was around 6 minutes = 3 Flights)

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 Last reply by skywalker on Thursday, March 13, 2008  539 Views   4 Replies 
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Guys don't even bother looking into this thread, I am only gaining stars, I am working on my 3rd star to become a Captain.
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 Last reply by Guyo on Sunday, June 01, 2008  890 Views   131 Replies 
Friday, September 18, 2009
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 Last reply by hisham on Saturday, September 19, 2009  481 Views   1 Replies 
Thursday, February 11, 2010
Hey guys!!!!!! Snow flying this weekEnd and BBQ ???? Skis are ready.Who's in ?
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 Last reply by Pete on Friday, February 12, 2010  424 Views   8 Replies 
Sunday, February 21, 2010
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right down to hell
And bring you back again.
RIP AMAZRC, you will be missed and remain in our hearts forever...

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 Last reply by fouad.raphael on Friday, January 24, 2014  10392 Views   36 Replies 

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