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The beautiful model and Sad end of the USAF B52:

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 Last reply by Guyo on 6/1/2005  590 Views   3 Replies 
hi guys check out this electric plane!!!

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one link ur gonna love!

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After long & tedious R&D which I believe 2 or maybe 3 other fellow pilots benefited from and followed I decided to get the Lanier EDGE 540 87". Being a big responsibility for me (x3)to decide on which engine to choose for this Babe, I decided to open this thread.
Note the below facts:
- RTF weight maybe around 18 lbs - DA50 mounted
- DA50 is recommended by Lanier and mounted by 90% of pilots
- DA85 was reported to increase the wing loading as well as too much power
- ZDZ 60RV is considered a good choice
- Smoke system is to be mounted as well-extra weight
Since whatever I would decide would blindly be followed by at least 2 other colleagues, I would definitely need more input and recommendations.
I am planning to use the Hitec 5645 all over (6) and one 5955 TG for rudder
Yalla shoot guys!!!!!

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 Last reply by ACE Pilot on 5/1/2008  1346 Views   8 Replies 
Friday, August 08, 2008
Don't miss the major event tomorrow, The first DA85 would be fired in Amaz by Alain on his brand new Lanier Edge built by Said 90% Hady 8% Alexei 2%
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