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How does the HummingBird VII compare to the Hornet?
Guyo # 1
A brief comparison between the two would help a lot, especially that the Hornet seems to be a lot more expensive.

ACE Pilot # 2
They can both be renamed "CRAZY Micro Helis".

Guyo # 3
I'll have to disagree since CRAZY is a rather strong word! They are both hard to control though...

akaram # 4
so guys what micro electrics have you tried ? any recommendations ??? I have a hummingbird V3, now I can hover it fine at home, it is very light and crash resistant (skids only are flimsy, replaced the CF rods with piano wire), but it is very basic fixed pitch heli with separate motor for the tail rotor. Now after a month of research and reading all the internet forums and stuff I decided to go for the T-Rex micro, it is almost a mini Raptor, collective pitch, belt driven tail, .... heavy duty and parts are very cheap. As for the hornet its performance is great, but in a small crash you get a lot of damage and its parts are expensive, also the motor is mounted at the bottom, that real bad.

Guyo # 5
Personnaly i've only tried the Hummingbird V2 but couldn't get it to stay still in small places. Very jumpy and extremely sensitive to wind. I've read that the Piccolo is an amazing collective pitch plane, but for 700$, I'd rather get a big heli!

akaram # 6
Train as much as possible on the Ikarus Piccofly simulator, if you can fly it easily around the house you will definitely be able to fly these micro FP helis. I learned this way.

Guyo # 7
You're absolutely right! I have the RFG2 and G3 that I've trained on and I did fly the Hummingbird perfectly in an indoor basketball court, however i've given up on these small helis, once i started flying big models.

MHN # 8
What is that? Are u venturing into helis now? :-)
Welcome to the world of rotary wings that make your head spin!
Anyway, I you're past having fun with the Hummingbird you have 2 choices:
Either stay into microhelis mainly for indoor flying, and some are 3D capable -
or move to the slightly larger size which can withstand flying into slightly windyer environments (outdoors).
Obviously the larger ones are more stable but consume more KVs and are more prone to expensive breakage.
I would favour the second alternative, such as T-Rex, but I suggest you check-out the Shogun too.
I'm sure you're aware that you'd be entering the world of Lipos with all the required ($$$)proprietary chargers ...
If you want to see what these helis are capable of let me know and I could steer you towards a few videos.
MH Noujaim
akaram # 9
Hi Michael, it is not Alain, this is me Alex Karam, I dont know if you remember me but I know you very well, we used to fly together in Adma and before that I was always in Baadaran and Mont la Salle and the guys Dany Geday, Joe Akl, Alain karam ... all know me very well. As fate took me away from Lebanon and I work in construction projects all around the worl I went into micro helis cause thats the most portable thing that you can still fly and carry around. I started with a century hummingbird and now got a couple of T-rex v2 kits with Mega 16-15-3 motor, Thunder power 2100 Lipos, Castle creations 35 ESC and Schulze Chamaleon isl 6-330 d Charger and I am using a JR PCM9XII radio (wanted to get the 10x but it is not very practical as its only for helis). The hardest part was learning all that setup of helis and fine tuning all by myself only relying on the net, but now I am well into them !I also have a couple of unassembled Shuttle Plus Kits waiting for me when I get back home to fly in Lebanon but I dont know when this will happen ! By the way there is a new Micro very similar to the T-Rex called X-400, it is almost the same but they say it is much more robust and has much less slop in the head, I am going to france in May and will get it there it from http://www.microhelico.com/x-400.asp
Also there is a very nice forum for the T-Rex on www.trextuning.com
Hope someday i will be back to lebanon for good and will benefit from your expert advice on gassers !

MHN # 10
Hey Alex,
Long time no see. Glad to hear you're still in this hobby, and all the more into helis. The news (at least to some of you here ;-) is that I am looking to adopt an electric heli too. If I see one that needs a tender and caring home... Been researching the matter for 6 months now, and was waiting for the proper Lipo generation in order to jump in. It seems now is the time, with the latest TP release! Got my hand on one of the first sets of 5S4Ps out on the market this week, and I will soon have a new 'baby' to pamper (...throw around...)- actually within the next few days. Will keep you posted.
My email is m n o u j a i m @ XXidmXX .net .Xlb (remove spaces and Xs)
akaram # 11
Michel, if no secret whats the Electric heli/charger/esc/motor you are planning to adopt ? As for me, yes I got into helis and am addicted to them too much ! waiting to have a chance to fly the bigger gas machines, I figure out from what I read that if I can fly the TREX then flying any bigger gas heli should be much easier.

akaram # 12
By the way of course I am still in the hobby, you know I was 10 years old when I first bought a model compression engine that I spend months figuring out how to make it work and get ether and castor oil for ... Smile and until now I am into it and it is one of the main reasons why I want to quit my job in the near future and settle in Lebanon to be able to fly regularly Smile

MHN # 13
Alex, I think that by the time you settle back in our 'reborn' country, larger gas helis will not impress you anymore because medium and large electrics are getting up to par. Anyroads, that the direction I'm heading.
akaram # 14
What mode is everybody flying helis in lb ? Hope it is same as fixed wing, ie mode 1 throttle on the right cause thats what I am now used to.


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