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Cheap High Quality Lipos from China
gsiblini # 1
I am an R/C pilot Planes/Helis with good experience in electrical power systems. I ususally visist AMAZ 2-3 times /year from Saudi arabia where I enjoy flying their and having good time with the rest of the pilots.

I came about someting I think its great for all those indulging in Electrical Flight including Helis.

I came across this site by chance while reading a thread in RC-Universe.

Those manufacture Lipo-Batteries in China; The price is 3rd to 1/4 that from the U.S.
The quality is Superb; Similar to those high density Thunder-Power Lipos from the U.S.

I bought several batteries from them
11.1 v ,2200mAh 10C (rate max dicharge 22 Amp Burst 28 Amp)and several Packs of 1600 mAh 1600 MAh 15C (Max discahrge 26 Amp-Burst 30 Amp).

I used them on a couple of brushless motors and pushed them to the limits of discharge rate in our Nicley Cold desert (Temp 45 Deg in the Shade) with batteries getting slightly hot to touch but did not even show any swelling or any sign of trouble even hen I put them in foam insulation (no air cooling ) -just to test their quality ...
Basically excellent ; Then e bought a couple of (9S 34 v 1600maH 15 C) packs for a larger AXI maotor that needs 45 Amp ; Those packs are great ; and they charge to full capacity on two type of charegers we used Asro-Flight 109 Lithium and Shutltze Charger.

Those people take direct money transfers and ship via UPS ; the shipping is slightly costly but becomes insignificant if you order a good amount; Exapmle of prices : 2200 MAh 11.1 V 10C is 24 US$
; you can order any custom pack you want and now they started manufacturing 20C high discharge cells.

If you need any specific info you can email me
. I will on Saturday 2nd of July at AMAZ God-Willing.

If you think this is important info Kindly posted on other forums in AMAZ website.
Happy flying and no Crashes ......

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