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The world of FunFly
Pilot Hady Tanissa
Date Saturday, September 20, 2008
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Notes Hady artistically lining up with the mountain!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008
Weird comment ! lining up with a mountain and artistically !!!! how do you do that ? and who on earth would think of such a dumb thing to do :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
He'd better concentrate on lining up with the runway !!! We are all impressed by the manoeuvers that hady is performing with this "sample " of an aircraft ! " Tiny plane , Big performance !!!

I Dont know what Im Doing but im an Expert at it ! Whether im right or im wrong I'm still the captain!
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
With the plane in such position while all control surfaces are centered means a lot of precision. Beside Captain, please don't make fun of my simulator, one 27% & one 30% scale are already in the production line.

1 Airfield 1 spirit 1 Captain.......Old is gold....Amaz forever

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