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Funniest Plane Crashes!
Pilot None Specific Pilot
Date Saturday, November 15, 2008
Total Visits 1137
Members Comments 19
Notes No matter how good your tutor is, you really can't go far on your first flight without a minimal simulator experience or at least a training cord!!!
Pilot Said Khalil
Date Saturday, June 14, 2008
Total Visits 1451
Members Comments 12
Notes An unfortunate flight failure for Ace Pilot's Yak
Pilot None Specific Pilot
Date 19th December 2007
Total Visits 1221
Members Comments 2
Notes Thanks to Alex and Charbel's heroism, Pete's "BARABANTE" was saved!

Pilot Avo Tutunjian
Date 18th August 2007
Total Visits 1266
Members Comments 0
Notes To all Amaz Pilots: Please take note that crashes in Amaz will now cost you an additional two boxes of fresh tomatoes:-)
Pilot Guy Boustany
Date 18th August 2007
Total Visits 1377
Members Comments 0
Notes Thanks to Jean, the super shocky is back to us!!!

(Picture taken by Said Khalil)
Pilot Guy Boustany
Date 11th August 2007
Total Visits 1286
Members Comments 0
Notes Unfortunately, Guy's super shocky has been reported missing in action!

Pilot Hughes Badaoui
Date 30th June 2007
Total Visits 1387
Members Comments 0
Notes Alex and Said in a heroic rescue mission to save what is left of Hugo's model.
Pilot Rouba Moujabber
Date 28th April 2007
Total Visits 1445
Members Comments 0
Notes Alex rushing for Ruba's plane rescue: Turns out there's a logical explanation for Alex's good will:-)
Pilot None Specific Pilot
Date 14th April 2007
Total Visits 1101
Members Comments 0
Notes Unlike airplanes, cars don't crash: They simply jump off the cliff!:-)

Pilot Said Khalil
Date 14th October 2006
Total Visits 1348
Members Comments 0
Notes No matter what, Saaoouda's morale is all the way up!!!:-)
Pilot None Specific Pilot
Date 7th October 2006
Total Visits 1326
Members Comments 0
Notes Hugo saves the day in a challenging rescue mission!
Pilot Alexei Karam
Date 9th September 2006
Total Visits 1449
Members Comments 0
Notes Alex trying to convince Amaz frogs to let go of his foamie, and some people seem to enjoy watching:-)

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